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Bermudagrass Variety

Bermudagrass is grown and adapted throughout Texas and has very good drought and traffic tolerance but has little shade tolerance.  Varieties can be used on lawns, golf courses, and athletic fields.  Bermudagrass types vary in color and texture, as well as in maintenance and establishment.  Tif 419 is established from sod or sprigs and is darker in color and finer textured than Common Bermuda.  Tif 419 is better-suited for golf courses and athletic fields than Common Bermuda because of the dense turf and rapid recovery from use.  Tif 419 also makes an attractive lawn for residential or commercial landscapes with proper maintenance.

Tif 419 – Fine texture.

Tex Turf – Coarse texture, seedless.

Grimes EXP – Medium-coarse texture.

Common – Coarse texture.

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