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Medium Textured Zoysia (Zoysia japonica)

Zoysiagrass is grown and adapted throughout Texas.  Zoysia is drought-tolerant but discolors and turns brown earlier than bermuda during extended drought.  While not as shade-tolerant as St. Augustine, zoysia varieties do have moderate to good shade tolerance.  Zoysia does well on lawns and moderately-trafficked recreational areas.  Best establishment is achieved through sod.

Zoysia japonica types have a medium leaf texture that produces less-dense turf than Emerald or Zorro and requires more normal lawn maintenance practices (higher and less frequent mowing).

El Toro – Lush, dense turf, beautiful green color.  Establishes quickly.  Better drought tolerance than St. Augustine.  Cold-hardy and resistant to Pythium and Dollar Spot, tropical sod worms, Zoysia mites, and fall army worms.  Shows less injury from salt than Emerald, Palisades, Crowne, or Cavalier.  Needs 6 hours of full to partial sun.  Established by sod, sprigs, or plugs.

Palisades – Uniform density.  Excellent establishment.  Recovers well from injury.  Few seed heads.  Low thatching tendency, tolerates close mowing (1/2”).  Vertical growth – less trimming than Bermuda.  Better drought tolerance than St. Augustine.  Cold-hardy, heat-tolerant, and salt-tolerant.  Low fertilizer and herbicide requirements.  Resistant to chinch bugs, mole crickets, and webworms.  Needs 6 hours of full to partial sun.  Established by sod, sprigs, or plugs.

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